Tony Dibbin

Host of the breakfast show on the UK's classic hits network GOLD.


Tony has over 20 years of broadcast, performance and production experience.

Currently Tony works for Europe's leading provider of commercial radio Global based in Leicester Square, London.


Together with his daily live radio commitments Tony also performs daily voice sessions for all kinds of clients.


If you need a strong, pace, professional, dynamic, British voice for your next audio/visual project then please get in touch today, using the links above.

Top 3 Tony Facts:

  • Tony began his professional radio career at the age of just 15 in 1995

  • Tony used to host the morning show on the World Famous Atlantic 252


  • Tony has 2 children Lara & Dexter who are his inspiration for daily success

Equipment & Tech Info:

  • Audio-Technica Microphone


  • Pro-Tools / Reaper / Adobe Audition


  • .wav / .mp3 file delivery


  • Audio over IP available


  • Skype direction available